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In the interests of openness and transparency, we are providing the following information about our company, our products, and our relationships to other companies that may appear (or whose products or services may appear) on our websites, including as advertisements and advertising content.

Our company, Answers 2000 Limited (main website: owns and operates a number of websites. Our company is for-profit company, and although many of our websites contain editorial or informational content, we generally hope to earn revenue from our websites by promoting our own products and services, and by carrying advertising for other companies' products and services. Thus, as a whole, our websites can be considered advertising vehicles.

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Our Company & Our Products
  1. Our company (main website: is Answers 2000 Limited. We are a private limited company registered in England under number 3574155.

  2. Our company develops and markets a number of products. Obviously we have a commercial interest in selling as many of our products as possible, as well as assisting those who can help us increase sales, or make our products more widely known. Our products include:
  3. Retailer: A third party, ClickBank (website:, acts as our retailer for those products that are delivered via the Internet (typically as downloads).

    We also have additional relationships with ClickBank as described below (under "Affiliate Program", and in the next section entitled "Relationships").

  4. Affiliate Program: Third parties who are ClickBank affiliates may link to our websites and receive commissions (tracked and paid by ClickBank) for referring sales made through ClickBank's retail system. Although there are some unusual exceptions (for example when an affiliate contacts us), in general, we do not know who these affiliates are. We do however publish a set of guidelines for affiliates, which among other things, asks them to make clear in their promotions that in fact they are advertising our products.

    We also have additional relationships with ClickBank as described above (under "Retailer") and below (in the next section entitled "Relationships").

  5. Awards, Endorsements and Testimonials: Our websites may contain awards, endorsements and testimonials that we have received in relation to our products and services. We keep hardcopy records of such materials. We do not pay for any such awards, endorsements or testimonials, although it is possible that some of those who gave us such awards, endorsements or testimonials might be participating in our affiliate program run through ClickBank, and might be financially benefiting that way. Additionally, some of the people/entities (principally professionals writing about our products) who have given us awards or testimonials, may at some point have received a free copy of the product in question, for their evaluation and/or personal use - note: access to such a free copy has never been conditioned on them giving us awards, testimonials, endorsements, etc.

    Please note:
    • Awards, endorsements are testimonials are the opinion of their authors, and as far as we know, were genuinely held at the time that they were provided to us.
    • User's and customer's comments, opinions, results and experiences which appear on our site, do NOT necessarily represent typical comments, opinions, results and experiences. An average consumer's comments, opinions, results and experience using our products or services may differ from those that appear in user's and customer's comments on our sites. Your results and experiences may differ from the results and experiences of other users or customers.
    • We do NOT represent that people or entities whose comments appear on our sites are either experts or otherwise specially qualified to comment on our products and services.

  6. Fiction and Jokes: A few of our websites are, or contain, works of fiction, including,,,, those parts of which relate to Christmas stories/traditions (for example, stories about Santa Claus), and the jokes that appear on and In general, fictional items and jokes on our websites are labelled as such either on the specific web page or in the Terms of Use page for that website, or identified as jokes on the particular website (e.g. and All such works of fiction/jokes are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity between the events, people, characters, organizations or products/services depicted within the fiction/jokes to any real event or any real person (living or dead) or any real organization or any real product/service, is unintended and purely coincidental.

  7. Advertising Other Companies' Products and Services: In addition to sales of our own products and services, our company also earns revenue from advertising content that appears on websites. More information about this topic, as well as our relationship with other companies can be found below.

Advertising Content on Our Websites & Our Relationships with Advertisers and Others

Our company has advertising, marketing or business relationships with a number of other companies, many of whose products and services may be described on our websites. Our relationships with other companies and organizations include: In addition to the above, some of our websites and products may include material (including content such as articles or graphics) or software/scripts that have been written or prepared by others, and that we have been granted permission (licensed) to republish or reuse as applicable.